Our Heritage

Supporting Grassroots Change in Communities

Our work at The Faith Club is shaped by the strong and distinctive values of our Muslim ethos, as summed up in the Quranic verse:"Remember when the youth sought refuge in the Cave, and proclaimed 'O Our Lord! Grant us Your Mercy, and guide us in our affairs'." {18:10}.

Inspired by this remarkable event and God's direct relationship and care for the youth, the visions of the Faith Cave and Club 1810 were conceived.

Following the legacy of that historical Cave - which Allah chose as a haven and refuge for those sincere youngesters- The Faith Cave provides today's youth with a secure and safe space where they are heard, valued, and respected.

We need your help!

Your donations will help with vital building work, which will modernise the current infrastructure, and establish a state of the art youth club that will inspire generations to come.